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Pálos70 Event and Organization of business trips

Within the framework of the project BACKGROUND EXPERIENCES IN THE BORDER REGION with ID number SKHU / WETA / 1901 / 1.1 / 029 of the INTERREG V-A SLOVAKIA-HUNGARY COOPERATION PROGRAM, the cooperating partners, the MUNICIPALITY OF PALÁST and MÁRIA ÚT PUBLIC BENEFIT ASSOCIATION are preparing to organize the Pálos70 pilgrimage event.

For this occasion, a new section was designated by the organizers, between Kemence and Márianosztra, on a section of about 20-25 km. Along the way, pilgrims will be welcome for a little recharge at a pre-designated refreshment point at the Kisírtáspuszta monorail station, as Pálos70 is primarily a pedestrian performance tour, therefore we would recommend the event to be held on 11.10.2020 to experienced hikers, pilgrims in good physical condition and performance hikers. We provide a transfer from Márianosztra to Kemence for the participants of the event.

In addition, the organization of Professional Trips has also started, during which the co-operations established along the natural values along the route and the surveyed routes will be strengthened.
Invited staff of the organizations involved in the implementation of the project will take part in the Professional Trips, which will be held on 29-30.09.2020.

The activities carried out so far in the project include surveying and recording the recommended routes, compiling a service provider register (cadastre) and database, organizing tour offers and events, as well as the 1Úton International Pilgrimage Day, where participants took part in this year's pilgrimage for the physical and mental health of the world – all of which serve to increase the tourism potential of the region.

Mária Út Association and the Municipality of Palást try to create suitable conditions in order to increase the number of visitors in the area with EXCELLENT ENVIRONMENTAL CONDITIONS (Börzsöny and Ipoly area), as well as CULTURAL AND RELIGIOUS HERITAGE (built heritage, shrines, notable events) so that the area’s pilgrimage tourism offer could become a real tourist attraction. 

We reserve the right to make changes due to the current epidemiological situation, you can find out about any changes on our communication channels.

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