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Pilgrimage experiences in the border area SKHU/WETA/1901/1.1/029

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Pilgrimage experiences in the border area
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Mária Út Public Benefit Association, Palást village
The aim of the project:
The settlements of the region, as well as the Mária Út Association, set the goal of developing pilgrimage routes, which can only be realized in cross-border cooperation, as it is based on common environmental conditions, cultural and religious traditions and heritage.

The aim of the project is to compile route offers, tourist packages for pilgrims and active tourists, to organize and implement events in response to the needs of the region.

Through the developments, a real tourism offer will be created on the basis of the existing services, we want to increase the number of visitors to the area by promoting the compiled package offers, using appropriate marketing tools, and the development will have a beneficial effect on the local economy.

The quantifiable results of the project include the survey and recording of the recommended routes, the cadastre of service providers, the compilation of a database, the tour offers compiled during the promotional activities, and the events organized within the project. These products provide information and experiences for both pilgrims arriving in the area and those planning to visit, and serve to increase the tourism potential of the area.

The Mária Út Association and the Village of Palást have been trying to create suitable conditions for many years in order to increase the number of visitors in the area with excellent environmental conditions (Börzsöny and Ipoly area), cultural and religious heritage (built heritage, shrines, famous events). , by exploiting the potential of these attractions and becoming a real tourist attraction in the area, the pilgrimage tourism offer of the region.


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