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Professional Trips in Hungary

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We organize professional trips within the framework of the project, which create an opportunity to start joint thinking and communication for the development of tourism in the area.

Within the framework of the Interreg V-A Slovakia-Hungary Cooperation Program, the project SKHU / WETA / 1901 / 1.1 / 029 called Pilgrimage Experiences in the Border Region, entered the implementation phase on 1 May 2020, in which the cooperating partners are the Municipality of Palást and Mária Út Public Benefit Association.

The activities of the last weeks have been carried out in the spirit of strengthening the co-operations, thanks to which the planned professional trips are also being realized. The professional trips of Mária Út Public Benefit Association took place first, on 29 September in Kemence, then on 30 September in Márianosztra and Szob, the professional group working on the implementation of the project met with the representatives of the invited organizations.

During the professional trip to Kemence, the experts implementing the project had the opportunity to present the goals of the project and the cooperation opportunities to the representatives of organizations involved in the maintenance of cultural and natural values of the region, including the mayor of Kemence and the chair of the Association of the Friends of Narrow-Gauge Railways.

The following day, consultations with other partners - mayors, public culture and forestry specialists - took place in Márianosztra and Szob, with whom, in addition to the above topics, the event related to the Pálos70 tour being under organization was discussed as an additional connection point.

The professional trips took place in accordance with their purpose and preliminary plans, active communication was started between the participants in order to maintain the project results in the long run and to expand the collaborations.

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