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Professional Trip in Palást

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The Municipality of Palást has also started to organize its professional trips, the aim of which is to strengthen cooperation and start common thinking in order to develop tourism in the region.

Within a short time, two professional trips were organized within the project by the Municipality of Palást, Slovakia, the first of which was hosted by Kemence on 1 October, and then on 5 October Palást was visited by the experts involved in the implementation and the representatives of the invited organizations.

The program of the Kemence event included professional consultation among the participants, presentation of the project objectives, personal discussion of the basics of joint work and long-term cooperation, clarification of the values represented by the region and organizations, outlining work processes and viewing local cultural values such as The Church of the Assumption and the building of the Museum of Church, Local and School History, which was once the headquarters of Hont County.

On 5 October, representatives of the implementers and invited organizations maintaining the significant values of the region met in Palást. The daily program was similar to the first event, after the professional consultation, the participants visited the Palásthy Castle, the local church and the Ivánka Mansion.

During the professional trips - in accordance with their purpose - active communication developed among the invited professionals, which may be the basis for future long-term collaborations.


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