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Professional Trip in Ipolyvisk

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Another professional trip to Slovakia took place within the framework of the project, this time the invited specialists met in Ipolyvisk. Contrary to preliminary plans, the series of professional trips ended with an event postponed to 14 October.

The professional trip, originally planned for 7 October, was rescheduled at the request of the mayor of Ipolyvisk, hosting the event, and the daily program was carried out as planned.
Within the framework of the professional trips, regular consultations took place among the participants, the results achieved so far in the project were presented, and the basics of long-term cooperation were also discussed in person.

Among the results, the present organizers also reported on the implementation of the event related to the Pálos70 tour that took place the previous weekend, and then the participants discussed the possibilities of organizing similar events.

Following the professional discussion, a visit to local values, including the Roman Catholic Church of St. Margaret of Antioch, was included in the program.

With this event, the last of the professional trips organized within the project was realized, we can say that the occasions achieved their planned goal, as the project implementers were able to sit down with professionals and organizations whose knowledge and experience are essential for future collaborations and developments.

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